Erin Fowler- Scraps Of Lace Photography


My father was always taking pictures when I was a little girl and I was very curious about anything he was interested in, I thought he was the coolest. He’s an organic chemist by trade & I spent hours and hours of my youth mixing concoctions together, pretending I was just like him. Photography is this great marriage of science and art. There is of course the mixing of chemistry in the darkroom, but there is also finding the right measurements of aperture and shutter speed to allow the perfect amount of light to hit the film, or sensor of your camera.  Now it's up the photographer to compose the structure of the photo, and then to choose what “perfect” looks like- that is where the art and personal vision & aesthetic of the photographer comes through. 

         Scraps of Lace Photography is inspired by the portrait of actress Gloria Swanson by Edward Steichen. This photo says so much about her, the beautiful swath of lace that covers her face shows elegance, mystery, and drama. No matter my process, darkroom or digital, my focus is light and people. To capture the mood of an event, the ephemeral feelings of joy, nostalgia, or pride, to find a way to express the essence of someone, to capture some piece of a person in a two-dimensional format with striking light- that is my goal, that’s what lights me up. I've been shooting professionally for over 15 years and I have a Bachelor of Fine Art in Photography. I specialize in weddings, engagements, family (whole family, child portraits, couples, pregnancy) photography, business portraits, dating profile shots, festivals, events, performances, photos of artwork, commercial interior & exterior shots, food photography,etc.

Photo by Jennifer Wilder.